A Post in Which I Have Nothing to Say or the Story of the Curious Girl

urban outfitters ecote cardigan outfit I have everything to say and nothing. In these ever shortening days I find myself full in so many ways. Full from the snaps under my feet as I walk in the woods. Full from pink sunsets and apples and the love I see people give the stray cats that live in my apartment building. I am full of words, but I am empty. I have so many drafts of incomplete essays; I am so full of ideas, but empty with organization and finishing. As I went through my drafts, I looked to see what spoke to me to match these pictures, but there was not even a low rattle. They are all for another time. So today, I shall tell the story of the Curious Girl who has only just realized she is looking through glass.

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urban outfitters ecote cardigan outfit

urban outfitters ecote cardigan outfit

Just now the Curious Girl realizes that she is not a part of the world as she knows it, but that her world is trapped under a giant glass dome. When the globe is shaken in October, the trees begin to strip naked and the Girl watches the leaves filter through the wind drifting too and fro until they gracefully hit the ground. There is no sound, but the girl’s world quakes anyway, waiting for the glass to break and let the cold inside. Little by little the cracks grow, waiting for the day they burst open and the white sea of cold rushes in like an angry bull.

She is such a Curious Girl. Such that she begins to tap at the glass like a doll desperate to escape the display case and bounce into the arms of a Christmas child. Impatient for the day to come naturally. She is ready to be cool and feel the fresh, thin air penetrate her glass dome. Ready for white blankets to cover the woods and to clothe the trees that have become so gratuitous with their nakedness. The Bull of winter is coming and she is ready for the battle.

She has gathered her dry leaves, ready to kindle a blaze to ward off an icy demise. She knows she will miss the sun and flowing rivers and fish bouncing out of the mirror only to hop immediately back in again. She will miss having feeling in her digits but knows that the first quilt of winter’s white eyelashes will knock the air from her lungs. But alas, the waters still flow and though the songs of birds are becoming increasingly faint, they are still there, comforting those who dread the onslaught of chill. Perhaps the now is all she needs. But it is oh so hard not to tap on that glass. Reluctantly, she withdraws her fingers and realizes it is much better to wait. So much better to collect red leaves and pinecones and string up garlands above the heart.

Do not hasten winter, Curious Girl because it will come soon enough.
I’m not quite sure what inspired me to write a little story, but it seemed fitting for this post. How do you feel about little stories once in a while?


Pictures of me credited to my husband. All others taken by me.

  • You always have these amazing pictures of yourself, I've always wondered how you take them or have the time.

    • Firstly, aww, thank you kindly. Secondly, most of my photos are taken on days off from work so I have an hour to sit around in the woods. Sometimes though, my husband and I do city sidewalk photos because it takes so much less time! But for real, I do a lot of trial and error to get lighting and such just right… it is time consuming, but I guess I just squeeze it in and work other things around it.

  • With the way you write, little stories forever, Liz.

    "The Bull of Winter" and "Winter's White Eyelashes" are such stunning imagery of the season. The Curious Girl's impatience was so articulately written, and that last line is absolutely lovely! Was the girl's world by any chance inspired by little snow globes? Because that was what it reminded me go, a glass dome trapping a little world inside.

    Your cardigan is stunning, by the way!

    May | THE MAYDEN

    • Aww, thank you!!! Yes, it was inspired by snow globes and an old Bright Eyes song called When the Curious Girl Realizes She Is Under Glass. Admittedly, the title is the only connection there though. I was just listening to old music and thinking of snow drifting down in the months ahead and how the leaves are like a "pre-snow."


  • Love your outfit! I like every details most specially on your cardigan.
    Your story is great too! Thumbs up!

    (◕‿◕✿) EmoteraGoddess.com | Bloglovin | Instagram

    • Thank you dear. I think there will be more posts featuring this cardigan throughout the colder months. It's so cozy! Have a great day!

  • Your photos always look so pretty and unique. Love them.

    Thirteen Thoughts

    • Thank you. I am doing my best to learn my camera setup. 🙂

  • great photos and you are so lovely!


  • I love this! Little stories are great, but I don't have a knack for them – you clearly do, so keep it up! Pretty outfit, I particularly like the pattern on you cardigan ♥

    • Thank you so much! The pattern is why I bought the cardigan a few years back. It's hands down one of my favorite purchases of all time. I hope to write more stories soon!

  • absolutely love the look!! nature is so beautiful!! wld love if u check out my new post is up sweetie!

  • Lovely words and lovely photos as well – the images in the woods go so well with what you have written here.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  • Beautiful story! I loved the imagery <3


    • Thank you! I was nervous putting a story out, but nothing else seemed fitting.

  • so beautiful! love it!

    love, rach.
    So, hi.

  • I love reading these types of posts, it's definitely great to change things up a little! I've felt like that recently as well – it seems like I just have a ton of ideas, but can't form them into coherent things that are readable.

    Such a perfect setting for these photos though, especially with the accompanying story!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    • Aww, thank you! I am hoping to turn my ideas into actual posts this weekend, but I am glad people have enjoyed the interim.