At What Point is it Not Worth Blogging?

when to stop blogging
We’ve all been there (I hope). The point where you’ve worked really hard on a photoshoot/poem/painting/anything you could possibly put in a blog post. You’re about to hit “publish” but… you feel like it’s pointless. You know almost no one is going to see your post/read your blog and it feels really, really pointless to keep going.


I’ve been there. Heck, I’m there now. In the month of January I managed to get 2,017 page views. That’s… not a lot, and it really shouldn’t bother me. After all, those are just silly numbers (and if I liked numbers I totally would have majored in something other than liberal arts amirite?) and are not indicative of my talents or my heart. But it does bother me at times. And I’m betting numbers bother you too, unless you are a very successful blogger, in which case, good for you! The rest of us, however, are just trying to stay afloat and get noticed for our hard work. This is only natural. After all, the whole purpose of displaying art to the public is so others can enjoy the fruit of the creator’s labor. Besides, people naturally want to receive praise. Regardless, how many of us would still exercise our creative talents if there was no one to see? Should we stop posting to blogs because no one notices our hard work?

The answer is different for everyone. For some people, I think it would not be worth their time if blogging was cutting into their personal time with friends or family. That is why I cut back to two post a week myself. However, some of us (as in, me) would not do very much without a blog. Yes, I love styling, but I am honest enough with myself to admit that without this blog to document my favorite styles, I would have the best intentions in the world for my outfits and end up throwing on jeans and tee shirts everyday. Then I would be irritated with myself for being boring (like that’s some sort of crime) and spend a week in over-the-top outfits only to fall into my same basic rut the next week. This blog helps me find balance, which is healthy.

I also think writing is therapeutic, in its own way. It’s through this blog that I have learned to focus on loving myself and how to love my body just the way it is. For these reasons, blogging has been healthy for me, with or without tons of followers and high numbers. I also feel more fulfilled for having a creative outlet. I am a happier person with this blog, which leads to another point.


At the end of the day, personal blogs are not typically for tons of followers or lots of money. Personal
blogs are to keep a diary of our own lives. I find it amazing that 10 years from now, whether I’m blogging or not, I will be able to go through my fashion and writing archives and see a visual record of my growth as a human being. What a powerful reference to have!

With everything said and done, for me personally, numbers or no numbers, it will always be worth blogging when I have something to say. I may not have something that knocks your (or my) socks off every single week, but it surely is worth writing it for the weeks that I do.

What drives you to blog? Do you obsessively check numbers or do you just do your best with each post and publish with pride? Do you ever check numbers and consider throwing in the towel? Tell me everything.

Stay beautiful,


P.S. Are any of you interested in using Disqus on this blog? I know it’s an easier platform, but I just find it so… ugly. However, I want to encourage discussion, so if you think Disqus would make your life easier, let me know in the comments below!

  • I don´t know Disqus, so can't help the discussion if it's good or not. 😉 About the post, I already wrote something on your IG, and after reading it all you're absolutely right, it is worth doing what you do! Love that thought about having a visual record of you growing as a human being! =D

    • Sorry, I forgot to comment, nice photos!! ^_^

  • What a lovely post! I think every blogger has been here at some point or another in their lives. Sometimes you feel so discouraged, but everyone has to start somewhere and if the most successful bloggers gave up when they felt this way- they wouldn't be where they are today!
    I love having my blog as a personal diary and just as a place where I can share my photography, writing, and creativity. I think it's important not to get too caught up in numbers and becoming "famous" since I don't think that's what blogging is about, at least not for me. This post was really thought provoking and I truly agree with everything you've said! I'm glad you keep blogging regardless of the numbers xo

    My Lovelier Days

    • I love that you feel the same. Of course it is nice for others to appreciate your work, but if you spend all your time trying to become "famous" I think some of us might experience burnout from trying to please others. Not that I am bashing on famous bloggers – not at all. I think it's great that someone can make a living from being his or herself and as long as you are being yourself then blogging is a wonderful thing. At the end of the day, I just want a creative outlet, whether I ever make money or not!

  • I first started blogging as an outlet for creative writing – I was just starting college classes and wanted a nonacademic forum for writing. I started it not caring whether other people were reading it or not, but as time went on I started caring a bit more. I don't get many views, but I don't think I would ever consider stopping because I see it as a sort of mini-diary to documents trips I've taken and recap what's been going on in my life.

    I do think Disqus is easier, but I agree, it is kind of ugly.

    • Hah, at least I am not the only one who thinks it's ugly.

      Anyway, I think it's important to post what you like! It's really nice to have memoirs of your favorite moments.

  • Thank you for sharing this! I feel the exact same say sometimes, but at the end of the day I almost blog simply because I love it and do it for me….not anyone else (though its a bonus when you get noticed). LOVE this sweater dress by the way:)

    • Yeah! I am so glad to hear other's feel the same!

  • I think you're right in saying everyone feels like this about their blog! I feel like this sometimes but I just have to remember that I started blogging for me. Its great having my own space to look back on throughout the years!

    Renee | Lose the Road

    • Isn't it nice to have a digital scrapbook? That's how I feel about my blog lately.

  • Everybody has had their rough patches down the blogosphere road, what matters is sticking true to yourself and the reason you started blogging.

    Nice post! xx

  • Amy

    This is such a wonderful post! I've been wondering if it was worthwhile for me to keep blogging lately, and this post really inspired me ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  • So well written! I started blogging a couple of months ago and have been struggling to ignore the numbers. On one hand I know I'm new so of course my numbers will be small. But it's still tough to see people with tons of followers over multiple platforms! Good thing I love this so much 🙂

    • It IS tough to see others being supposedly more successful (I think the term "successful" is up for debate, but that's a whole different rant) but it's so, so important to stay true to yourself. Even with the small following I have, it feels good to communicate with like minded people. It doesn't have to be a lot of people, just people I enjoy discussing things with…. aka quality over quantity.

  • Excellent post! My blog is bittersweet when it comes to this! I'm finally finding a balance. I do a lot of makeup reviews, because for the longest I was away from the whole makeup scene. I stuck with a foundation, blush and a couple of lipsticks. Well now I want to try different things. I did that last year (despite what others thought I was doing for them, I was doing for myself and sharing my thoughts with them LOL). So last year, my blog looked very commercial because of this…companies liked that…then came the sponsored posts. Well the sponsored posts give me money to host giveaways! I don't do giveaways for the numbers. I like to give! Sponsored posts help defray the cost of the items I give. Well this year, I'm happy to say I've tried almost everything. I'm still reviewing products that came out last year and a few new ones this year, but now I've included lifestyle posts (things I do other than makeup) that I can share with my readers. YOUR posts are gorgeous! You document yourself, places and thoughts SO BEAUTIFULLY! This is really how blogs should be, but recently they've turned into picture pages with no words! Keep doing what YOU love and others that are alike will gravitate.

    • Nothing wrong with a sponsored post every once is a while! Please, I do want everyone to know that I am NOT against people making money for blogging! It's good to try things! Everyone has a little sweet spot for their blog and finding it takes time (took me a few years lol) but once you do, blogging feels so nice! And THANK YOU for letting me know that I am doing my job well. 😉

  • Well the sponsored posts give me money (so I can host giveaways on my own and give back to my readers).

  • Love the green colour on you! Fab photos too! X

    Vintage Spring ootd featuring H&M over on –

  • Ugh, I know what you mean. Sometimes I'm just like, Is anyone reading my posts? Why should I bother? But I enjoy writing it and taking pictures, so in the end you have to blog for you.

    Love this dark forest green color on you!

    I really like Disqus! I like that you can an email anytime sometimes responds to one of your comments on your blog or someone else's. 🙂

    • Exactly! I really enjoy have a space to say whatever I want and I do like photography, so really, I would be taking pictures all the time anyway. A blog gives me a nice channel for it. And thanks for the opinions on Disqus!

  • Love your outfit! So cozy and fab!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  • I think as long as you are happy with your content and you know it's something you would like to read yourself, then it is worth to blog about. Disqus, I have an account but I am fairly not active there =/

    Joyce // Joycentricity

    • Aww, thanks. I feel the same way.

  • Intresting article, nice outfit! ♡

    ♡ Bed Head Colour Goddess ♡

  • I totally feel you here, sometimes the numbers can just get to be too much. I think growth is really linked to how much time you put into your blog; over the summer I gained more in all aspects, as I put out a new post every 4-5 days. Now, things have slowed down with my weekly posts, but I think I've developed more relationships with regular readers. Who knows what will happen with my blog later on?

    On Disqus, I like it a lot more because it's easier to see replies, and I think the threaded format is easier to read.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    • Thanks for the input! I tend to do better with blogging in the summer too. I think the long days make me feel more productive, whereas winter turns me into a slug. :/

  • Firstly love your outfit. Secondly, I know how that feels. The numbers are a mood killer for sure. If you look at them it can be so heart breaking when you work so hard and then feel like "is anyone reading this?" Been there.

    • Yep, I try not to look too much. Ultimately, I just want a little creative space, so that goal has already been achieved!

  • I used to watch the numbers but now I don't care it sorted of drove me crazy and I didn't like that about myself, so now I blog because I want to regardless of who is reading, just as I enjoy doing it! I took a 6 month break from blogging and I'm so glad I did because it made me appreciate it more.

    Meme x

    • I took a break once too and it really helped to clear my mind! It gives you time to get back on track and think about what you really want to do with your space.

  • I've been struggling with this a lot lately. What's the point? Not so much with numbers, but with the quality of comments. I am a bit annoyed lately to put so much energy & effort into something for people to only respond 'cute!' or 'good post!' Ugh. I would honestly rather get no comments at all versus filler comments. Filler comments piss me off to no end. It just really makes me wonder, What's the point? And I think I've had to battle with that recently in order to figure out where I want to take my blog next. It's just, frustrating. Okay, *ends mini-rant* lol. Let me go get my life together!

    • Oh, I totally feel you! It pisses me off to no end when people just say "love this post!" and then three links to their blog. Maybe it shouldn't, but it definitely does. If you aren't going to read what I write, I'm not offended. But I am irritated that you will pretend you did.