Winter is the Warmest Season + How to Dress Warmly for Winter


Sometimes, there is a small lull in the winter winds – a little break, perhaps. Although the chill still seeps through your flesh and tickles your bones, the sun comes out to remind of one of life’s greatest treasures: hope. We do not forget that winter is still in our neighborhood, rattling our windows and asking to come inside. We do not forget how it howls our names in an effort to trick us. But on mornings like these, when there is a promise leaking from the Earth’s voice – the promise of a new beginning, the world can’t help but let a grin sneak onto our flaking lips.

how to wear summer dresses in winter

how to layer a dress for winter

I love these days. Actually, I love winter for these days. When, in the midst of despair and death, there is a tiny ray of hope sinking through the O-zone layer. The birds slowly wake up and begin their songs and the streams trickle away from frost, shedding it like a jacket. Days like these bring promise of a new beginning.

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These little moments are why I have always loved winter. The bitter wind and snappy frost is uncomfortable. Chapped skin reminds us each day to take extra effort in our care. But that’s just it – in the winter, we take extra effort to care. You see this with Christmas and New Year’s, but it’s so much more than that. In winter, we share with others. There are more drives for the homeless and no one will think twice about offering you a steaming beverage upon entering their domicile.

On top of all our sharing and giving, winter brings us into cozy layers, flaming logs, and thick woolen socks. Don’t misunderstand – I am ready the snow ridges to melt away as they have begun, and I am ready for the birds to sing every morning, not just pleasant ones, and I am ready for earlier suns. But I do love the hope and love winter brings out in us all.

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In all seriousness though, and I am being serious amidst a drivel of poetry, a girl must keep warm when the sun is tempting her to go out in the cold. Our hearts and mugs may be filled with glow, but we will need to translate that to our wardrobes to keep our outsides as warm as our insides. For this reason, I am a firm believer in taking cooler weather dresses and making them suitable for cooler temperatures. This dress, which you last saw here, has been given a neutral underlayer of a grey turtleneck and slip. Throw some fleece lined tights into the mix and some warm, woolly socks with combat boots (you will never convince me that combat boots are inappropriate for anything ever), and you can keep just as warm outside as in. Get out there and explore this great, beautiful wide world.

Alright, turning the fuzzy poetry back on now with a final line to summarize my sentiments regarding the glorious season of winter:

Winter is, in so many ways, the warmest season of all.

What do you love about winter? No cheating! I challenge you to find something you love about a cold, wet, mess. Also, how do you layer your clothes to stay warm?

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  • Lovely post! What I love most about winter is just how beautiful snow makes everything look! Definitely one of the prettiest seasons.

    Renee | Lose the Road

    • When it snows, winter is beautiful here. Obviously, most of the snow had melted on the day these were taken but we might catch back up!

  • There isn't much I love about winter in all honesty as I have bad skin and it can get very painful in this weather, but I agree with Renee everything does look really beautiful in the winter and especially went spring starts to break through!

    Meme xx

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    • That I do understand! I know a dry skin sufferer and for that reason, she loathes winter too. But she loves the rebirth of life as well, so I guess something good always comes from the bad!

  • Love A/W for the fahsahn! Since we live in a tropical country, Winter don't come often. Okay I was joking. Winter doesn't come at all. So when we get a chance to be in a cold, the excitement is real 🙂

    Real Life Nerd

    • Anything different is always a reason for excitement!

  • I am not a fan of winter. It's cold and dark and I am not about that, haha. But I do love how beautiful it looks when there is a fresh snow on trees and children are playing in the snow, building forts and snowmen. I also like the layering part. I wear tights more and lots of sweaters as the winter in Lithuania is a very cold one ( usually around -25 degrees Celsius) 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • Now THAT is cold! Maybe I would change my tune about winter if I lived in Lithuania, hah! Sweaters and tights are so cozy though.

  • I love sunny, fresh, cold winter days. The contrast between the warm light on your skin and the freezing breeze always gives me nice chills and wakes me up ;). Beautiful post!


  • Loving your outfit, especially the boots! I think winter does force you to take extra care of yourself, and I love that it's such a comforting feeling. We have so much snow here in Canada, it seems as though winter will never end, but that just makes spring that much more exciting! I love your sense of style xo

    My Lovelier Days

    • Thank you! These boots are my go to… they make an embarrassingly frequent appearance on this blog. And I totally agree with you about winter.

  • Your prose is as beautiful as ever, Liz, and you make me want to experience Winter just for these kind of days. I'm loving the oxymoronic idea of winter and warmth, and oh, these are such pretty photographs, too!


    • Thank you! Maybe someday you will get to travel to a place with snow. A different climate is always fun to explore!

  • Moving from LA to England, I'm still struggling with dressing for winter. But surely, nothing beats a beautiful sunny (though cold) winter day!

    Xoxo, Jo

  • I never thought about winter like this, it's so interesting! We don't really get that cold in California, but I definitely feel how much more willing people are to help out or give a little more. My favorite thing is probably sweaters and not having to shave!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  • This is such a lovely post! I love how you converted your dress into something suitable for colder weather by adding more clothes underneath. I'm going to start doing that with my dresses too.
    Winter used to be my least favourite season, but now that I've grown into a more positive person I actually love a lot of things about it. Like the snow (which is very rare in Greece, so I feel like I appreciate it more than people from other countries), the smell of the fresh air in the mornings and the fact that I can wear dark-coloured lipsticks. The fact that most of my closet consists of black and grey clothes and winter is the best season to wear these colours. Oh, and the fact that I can drink a lot of delicious hot beverages and light the fireplace.
    Sorry, I wrote a lot, but I think there's much to appreciate about Winter, just as every other season. 🙂


  • Great photos
    Lovely outfit