April Goal: An Exercise in Patience


Well, I guess I had better say it rather than not: we kinda found a house. I say kinda, because, well, all that appraisal and inspection pending and such that one just never knows, right?

Anyway, it’s really easy to get antsy with these kinds of things, which is why I chose my April goal to be that of patience. Because, truly, even if everything goes well, it’s still going to be another month or more before we can close, and after that, we’ll have to deal with painting, moving, and an obligatory trip to Ikea to get new matching things. Of course I am excited! But all of this is a light year away, so it’s time to take a deep, calming breath, and wait.

Yes, wait.

I am not good at waiting, if I am being honest (and I always try to be!). When I have plans I like to get them done right away and progress with my life. This is partly because I am not commonly motivated to get stuff done, so when I do I go into beast mode. Naturally, this tendency of mine is eating me up inside. Can I choose paint colors now? What about getting some new rugs, can we do that right now?

No, we really, really can’t. As in, it’s physically impossible, so shut up, Liz, and sit down.

So anyway, it’s not anything particularly exciting, but here is your April Goal. As always, you may follow along, or create your own goal to satisfy that craving. Either way, I wish you luck on your journey and ask you to please wish me luck before I literally implode from anticipation.

Stay Beautiful,



  • This rings so true to me. I can be so impatient when I realize what it is I want that I forget that all good things take time! It's so exciting that you'll be moving and it must be so hard not to get overly excited and want to rush things, so it's great that you're trying your best to exercise patience. I wish you all the best I'm sure it will make move in day that much more exciting! Sending love and light your way,

    My Lovelier Days

  • We brought our house when it was nothing more than mud, so we had to wait for it be built and it was SO hard, so I totally identify with you. I can't tell you how much it's worth it though!

    Musings & More

  • Good luck! Moving is always hard, fun to start over, if you know what I mean but such a pain sometimes!

  • I'm not good at waiting either! I want things now now now! And I get antsy if I have to wait too long for something I want. So it's good you've taken patience to heart. I hope it all goes through and that you can make that fun trip to Ikea!

  • Amy

    This is wonderful! I think that we could all use a little more patience, I know I could ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  • I share your mindset of not being the most patient, and so I'll take a leaf out of your book and attempt to be a little more so this month! Good luck with the new house!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  • Good luck on the house purchase and on your monthly goal! It is truly exciting to be able to purchase a home of your very own. Congrats! Thanks for visiting my blog, reading, and leaving a comment. I'll be following you on Bloglovin and Instagram from now on. Love your photography!


  • That's so exciting that you found a house! I'm not very patient either but I've been trying to improve on that throughout this year!


  • Beautiful pictures! It's spring but I haven't seen any flowers around here! (Boston!)