Why I Changed My Blog Name (Again)

Vintage Selfie

Hello, all, it has been a long time without words. For that, I am sorry. You see, I recently went through a growth spurt of sorts. Not the physical kind (thankfully), but the kind that makes you grow as a person and makes you want to understand yourself better. The kind of moment that makes you realize that you have changed, and what once made you happy is not the same as what makes you happy now.

Yes, I understand I am being rather vague, but what I mean is, with a giant change in my everyday life, there has come a change in my blogging life, too.

When we lived in that old, ugly apartment that I tried to pass off as vintage, but was really a bug-ridden rotter, I insisted on lots and lots of fashion photography. I think I did this, even though I am not a good model, because it was an easy way to bring beauty into my life. Not that I didn’t try in the home as well, but it’s a simple fact that it was easier to control the beauty ON me instead of AROUND me. These are different things. Anyway, my fashion blog was born, and reborn, and kept on a blogspot because I didn’t know how to manage anything else, and really, I needed the practice before launching my first adult blog anyway.

But now is the time for a new chapter in the book of life. I have gained my own domain and my own hosting! It is truly the year of ownership for me, and it feels rather swell, if I do so say. (Did I really just say swell?) In truth, I wanted a name change anyway, but as it turns out, a very lovely florist owns aroseinbloom.com, and I rather doubt they would have given that up cheaply. Since I wanted a fresh start anyway, a new name has entered my blogging family: Waltz for dance, Willow because that is my favorite tree.

However, back to the fashion blog thing. Truth is, for now, I am really rather over it. Not over fashion, period, but over having a fashion blog. Looking back, I can see I have been moving away from it anyway, focusing on writing with outfits being mostly accessories, but I think I am moving forward to more writing/lifestyle, and less fashion. It’s just too much work, and I don’t feel like I “need” it anymore. I am surrounded by beauty every day without fashion photography. I have so many wonderful things to photograph that I can hardly choose with what to satiate my appetite! It feels wonderful – each day has a new twinkle.

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With all of that said, I promise that fashion will still be a part of this blog, but just that – a part. I am tired of feeling obligated to spend hours each weekend taking pictures.* Instead, I want to take fashion shoots whenever they are organically desired and stop leaving so many books unread on my shelf. By the way, that’s another point, expect more posts about reading and writing, because that is what is consuming my life right now. Nonetheless, and I cannot stress this enough, fashion is not leaving the blog, it is simply being placed on a shelf. In fact, I have two fashion posts ready for the future, but after that, who knows? Life is just too beautiful right now to focus primarily on outfits.

Change is good. I love change.

Stay Beautiful,


*Really though, no one goes into what a pain fashion posts are when you don’t have a photographer boyfriend. A single shoot can take over an hour, and while it’s often quite fulfilling, who has time for that with a regular job and life? Really?

  • I like the new name. And yes it is a pain photo shoots can take a while when you take the pictures yourself.(I take all of mine with a tripod and remote.) But I do enjoy it. Congrats on your getting a domain!

    • Elizabeth

      I use a tripod and remote too, and I am 50/50 on enjoying it. On one hand, I really enjoy the creative control! On the other hand, sometimes I have other things to do and I get busy… then ootd posts feel like a chore. Basically, I still want to post them, but only when I feel like getting out there! That way it is still a relaxing activity. 🙂

  • Amy

    I love the new name! And I totally understand about how long outfit photos take, I’ve never been able to master them and they’re quite a lot of work ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  • I love this! The new blog name is so you and so lovely on the tongue! I’ve definitely considered your blog more of a lifestyle / photography / writing blog for a while now anyway, so this is a great change.

  • These photos are lovely, and variety is always a good thing! Best of luck with your new changes!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n