Friday Musings 1.4: The Peasant Blouse

autumn peasant blouse

The Autumn Peasant Blouse

The Fall Peasant Blouse

It’s the perfect season for billowy fabrics that lay lightly on the skin, showing just enough through to entice the imagination. Soon, it will time for dancing in the autumn breezes whilst our toes crunch the ground. Such an odd combination.

But does anyone know where to buy a quality peasant blouse that can be machine washed? I am scared to machine wash this jewel, for fear of the machine ripping it into tiny shreds. And handwashing can be such a pain. Do you know where to find a durable peasant blouse? I would be willing to pay a decent penny for a quality piece. Until then, I wash soak this one gently and rub it softly with a ritual fit for a timid puppy.

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  • I wouldn’t dare to machine wash this beauty! Hand washing only for sure. It looks so beautiful 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • Cara E

    such a pretty top!

  • I love peasant blouses so much! But I have no idea were to get a decent quality one unfortunately. I usually get mine from H&M or Forever 21.