Friday Musings 1.6: Halloween Cometh

wildfox couture bat sweatshirt

all the tiny pumpkins

evans orchard lexington ky

evans orchard lexington ky

pumpkins at trader joes

wildfox bat sweatshirt

halloween sweatshirt

First, the selections. Then, the decorations begin.

In my childhood we lived in a rural area. The kind of wide, spread open land where one could hear the soft lull of a mama cow or local pagan chants miles away. (Yes, that really was a common occurrence.) Needless to say, between the area, and my parent’s belief system, we children never got to go trick or treating. In fact, we never really did very much for fall at all… I think my mother was too busy, or maybe it was not important to her at that time.

Either way, every Halloween, while other kids were dressing up as clowns and ghosts, we were closing the house up and turning off all the lights (even though there was no one around to trick or treat anyway). As an adult, I find this to have been really very silly. Fortunately, my parents do too, now.  However, one always wants what one does not have, so of course Halloween is now one of our favorite holidays. Indeed, we go all out – tons of pumpkins, lights, hay bales, mums, ghoulish creatures dangling in anticipation of creeping upon young tots as they prance down the sidewalk. Now that we are homeowners in a neighborhood full of kids, we really have not held back.

We love it, all of us. In return for not being able to receive so many years ago, I give. I give and give and give. Here is a handful of candy for you and you and you. Don’t be too scared of the haunts and ghouls. Let your lantern shine bright to keep the spirits at bay.


It pains me to know that many people are really rather grumpy about Halloween. Being grumpy at a time for loving and laughing has always felt like such a waste of time: hollow, as it is. Take a moment to be happy, I say. Take joy when others are joyful. Even if there is work or school creeping upon you, take some time to have fun on a night when you usually should not be. That is what makes it fun!

To me, Halloween is a big party to welcome home long lost sister Autumn. So even if you are too old to receive candy, give it freely and with an open heart. If you are somehow unable, get out there and do something for yourself. Make cider and put on your coziest socks. Carve a pumpkin just because.

But don’t simply do nothing. Life is too short to do simply nothing on a day for celebration. Celebrate. Live.

thank you mr skeltal

halloween and fall display

halloween and fall display

thank you mr skeltal

cinderella pumpkin

pumpkins on a haybale

mr skeltal halloween display

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