October Merits: The Apple Orchard

Apple Orchard Pics-14

apple picking in october at evans apple orchard, georgetown kentucky

apple picking at evans orchard

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evans apple orchard kentucky

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It’s been a long time since I have posted a simple adventure, but we made our yearly trip to the apple orchard this past week. The sun was bright (too bright, really) and the skies a sheet of blue across a great canvas.

This is nothing exciting, really. We go the apple orchard every year, so it should not feel exciting. Yet, every year I impatiently ask my husband when will we return to the apple orchard. When will we be brushing up against the mums sold up front? When will we see a field filled with pumpkins like a church filled with an entire Sunday community? When will we select our own sweet fruits with which to encapsulate our home with the smell of pies and sauce?

Perhaps it is because at heart, I truly am a city girl, but even the city can grow tiresome. Here, farmer’s markets are expensive, so I am pushed to the grocery stores with the giant logos. Now, we are quite blessed in this town to have lovely supermarkets with the fruits of local labor, but there is something rather special about selecting your own food directly from the source. To say “let’s take this one that resembles a blushing bride,” and then to pluck it away from the source of its birth reacts delightfully with my senses. Truly, I think every human being should have the opportunity to select their nourishment directly from the source every so often. It’s a humbling experience and always fills me with emotions.

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I suppose, in a way, nostalgia sets in.

There was always an apple orchard nearby when I was a child. In fact, I think it may have been a 5 minute drive, not to mention the apple and pear trees we already had on our property. Fresh apples (and pears too, for that matter) were always a given. Every late September we began our first of many trips to the local orchard to buy apples buy the bushel and ciders to fill our bellies. I always enjoyed these trips, and even returned a few times when we moved into the city, but somewhere in my college years I lost my path to the apple orchard. Indeed, in those years of exploration, I lost many aspects of myself in order to try new things. This is always a good thing, to be sure, but eventually the truest, oldest things quivering in your spirit gather and rise to see a new day, like an old friend returning home. Some new things do stick around though.

In all honesty, I never want to live in the quiet country again, but on a chilly October afternoon? I’ll take that. To me, it simply is not autumn until a bundle of fresh fall fruits enter my home and the scent of cinnamon mixes throughout the air. I think the apple orchard might be one my very favorite fall traditions.

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apple picking at evans apple orchard

Do you have any favorite fall traditions?

  • rae

    These photos are so lovely and really make me miss the US so much! Apple picking in autumn is one of my favorite past times. I remember going in Uni and coming home with more apples than I knew what to do with! I ended up making a ton of homemade apple sauce and it was INCREDIBLE!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      Homemade apple sauce is SO GOOD. I made a crock pot full of it myself. Nothing like fresh, hot applesauce for dessert on a cold day.

  • I love orchards! I need to go apple picking and get some delicious jam while I’m at my favorite orchard! These are fantastic picture!

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      Oooh, apple butter/jam. Maybe I will make some of that!

  • I’ve never personally been to an apple orchard, but I can completely understand how it could be an exciting Fall tradition. Things like that are just nice to look forward to. I’m a country girl myself, and every time Fall comes around, I fall in love with the country more and more. It’s magic.

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      If you get a change,go to one! It’s a cool experience.

  • Rosy Flynn

    Lovely pictures, I’m not sure if there’s any apple orchards near me as a lot of people have their own apple trees here (me included) but it looks like such a fun day out 🙂

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      I would love to have any tree bearing food in my yard.