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On a semi recent thrifting trip I was blessed with this amazing dress that is, in it’s very fibers, a representation of me through the years.

Yes, through the years. I think I would have worn something like this in my alternative days when my hair was purple and my lips painted black. I think I would have worn it with bright chucks and the thrash of pop punk blasting out the window and the interstate wind rattles the car.

Do you ever look back at yourself and wonder if, at heart, you really have changed so very little over the past 10 years? Obviously there have been heartaches and joys that have made you grow, but there is a tiny part of your soul that hasn’t changed a bit. Your love for something edgy, full of life. The unending affair with quirky clothes that cause people to stare. The love of then watching the lips curl either up or down. Just the quirky things. The beautiful little things.

Truth be told, I have changed. An awful lot. But I am also still the same girl making teenage vows in parking lots and wearing worn out boots long past their prime. I still sing the blues with the fury of electricity in the background. I’m still just a little off the key of reason, and I love myself more for it.

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How have you changed over the years? How have you remained the same?

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  • I think I’ve changed a lot over the years; not that I’ve changed completely, but more that who I am has matured and evolved as time has gone by. And more accurately, I’m now able to understand the root cause of why I do things a particular way, or why I like a specific something but not other things, or even just having the capacity as an adult to do things I wasn’t able to as a teenager. I’ve always been more introverted, but as an adult I’ve been able to distinguish where I’m comfortable being in busy settings, how to be better at small talk and connecting with strangers, and where my limit is on interaction, which was something I always struggled with when I was younger. Or more casually – I adored loud rock bands as a 15/16 year old, but as I’ve gotten older I realised it was less the sound and more the conveyed emotion that I liked, and as a result I’ve gotten more into personal, emotional artists.

    (This comment just went on and on, so I apologise! Your posts are always so good at provoking discussion!)

    Kate | girlinthebluejacket.blogspot.com

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      Never apologize for a good discussion – I love having quality conversation. 🙂 I think I agree with you on the music though. Don’t get me wrong, I am still very much in love with the same pop-punk bands of my past, but folk music has really been entering my life more in recent years too.

      Funnily, this post was named after a super fast Fall Out Boy song lol. Guess I actually like a furious dichotomy.

  • I LOVE THIS! This dress is so 2005 emo and I love it! Sometimes I pick up a piece of clothing or say something or think something that my teenage self would’ve worn, said, thought and I’m think, “Wow, really?” Haha! I’ve changed a lot since high school, but I’m still the same in many ways. I hope the bad part of me have improved for the better and the good have stayed the same!

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      THANK YOU. Wow, was emo only as recent as 2005? I feel old thinking about it now.

  • That’s a great dress Liz! Very nice purchase and it looks great on you. I love the color of your sneakers. I think over the years there are slight changes, but our true essence is always there.

  • I have definitely changed! Even in a matter of months I’ve seemed to have changed lol! My style has definitely changed! I went from tomboy to girly to edgy lol and now I think I’ve finally got the perfect style for me that intertwine all of my different personalities haha!

    Jasmine 🙂

  • This dress is so fun and cute, we totally understand finding a piece of item that transports us to the past and makes us feel nostalgic. It’s important to change and grow with the years but also keep true to your spirit, thanks for sharing!

    ISA Professional