I’m really freaking sick of the Internet and here’s why

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By now I am sure you have all heard of the tragic act of violence imposed upon Kim Kardashian Sunday evening. And I am also sure you have seen the Internet mob who has decided that this really is not a big deal and, in fact, just what she had coming. If you haven’t seen this cruel attitude, 1. Good for you, and 2. Let me fill you in: many people have felt it very necessary to give their not-so-kind opinions to the whole world about what a great act of justice it is to have a life threatened because OMG can we please stop hearing about the Kardashians now?!?!?!?!?!

Granted, I’ve never given them much thought myself other than I am grateful to finally see non-twig women sporting high end fashion. Nonetheless this whole thing is a big deal. A human life was threatened over freaking rocks, and for some reason, people think this is justified or even funny.

In fact, here are some REAL COMMENTS posted on my local news channel’s Facebook page about the ordeal:

“Bigger issues on this world, they will survive…unbelievable.”

“why didnt they do us all a favor and flushed this pos down the toilet” (do you mean what I think you mean?!)

“I hope they left her facing a mirror to keep her distracted.”

“noticed they didnt rape her they wernt about to touch that nasty hoe” (because rape is a reward for the morally pure?)

“What idiot untied her???”

“Give the robbers the Nobel peace prize!”

“Been better news if they would have beat them up real good”

“I hate to seem like an a**hole but that’s karma at it’s finest” (for what? really? being rich? being on TV? Am I missing the part where Kim put a hit out on someone? Also, if you think you might sound like an asshole, here’s a clue: you do sound like an asshole. Don’t say whatever you’re thinking.)

“Sounds like a missed opportunity to me…” (again, for what? please don’t answer that question OP)




Yes, because someone is a celebrity who is confident with her body and sexuality, sells her life to the public (you know, a job), and is rich beyond belief for no reason any of us can quite understand, she deserves to be bound, gagged, have a gun pointed to her head, robbed blind, and left in a bathtub. That’s what you get when you are a celebrity – a movie style murder scene! Oh my, someone tell everyone in the wealthy elitist class to be on the lookout for people dressed as cops!

I do wonder if everyone would have had the same reaction if this incident had occurred to, I don’t know, literally any other celebrity. Let’s take someone most people will agree is respectable.

What if it was Emma Watson? Imagine the headline: Humanitarian and UN Ambassador Emma Watson bound and gagged in hotel room after being after being robbed at gunpoint.

I’ll tell you exactly how this would go over with the world: not very well. In fact, the Internet would probably break with rage because a “good” person was a victim of senseless violence and WHAT IS GOING ON WITH OUR WORLD. This is absolutely an appropriate reaction. However, the real question is this: Why is the reaction different if it’s a Kardashian? Because they are annoyingly rich? Because they are confident in who they are? Because Kim is comfortable posing nude? Because we want to believe she is a slut? Because the whole family lives a life that we are truthfully all a little bit jealous of?

At what point did it become ok to wish death on someone just because we dislike them?

This attitude is so foreign to me. I was raised in a tight knit, Christian home where I was taught that all lives are created equal. Everyone has blood flowing through through the same tissue. Everyone has a heart that can be broken. Apparently, many in this world do not share these same values, and it makes me want to have a kid just so I can raise someone going into the next generation to be kind.

I know this is an incoherent ramble and that is not what I typically put on this blog. I try to keep it creative and about being the best version of yourself. But the truth is that we all need a reminder from time to time to have some empathy, and that IS about being the best version of yourself. When a horrific thing happens to any human being, they should be offered our prayers and sympathies and no questions should be asked about what they did to deserve it. I can’t emphasize that last part enough. We all have to learn lessons, but the last thing any victim needs to hear is that they had it coming.

Seriously guys, some children could have very well woken up to be motherless Monday morning. Why is that a good thing?

Basic empathy is open to all, whether it’s Kim K, Emma Watson, widowed and orphaned Syrians, or the homeless man who mutters to himself on the corner. It’s called being a good person. At the end of the day something horrific happened to a human being and we should never discount an act of terror. We should never blame the victim.


P.S. Tragedies are also not the time for jokes. No, Taylor Swift is probably not giggling about this. Kanye didn’t set it up because he needed the money from the insurance. Don’t be pathetic.

P.P.S Saw Kanye is Nashville last weekend and it was the best.

We saw Kanye in Nashville last weekend.

  • I wish I could copy and paste this post in response to every single negative comment about Kim K. I agree with you completely. Ugh, the internet is just too much sometimes.

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  • Ughhhhh, I’m so with you! I’m not a big Kim Kardashian fan, but I feel so sorry that this happened to her. No doubt it was terrifying and traumatizing and no one should have to go through that. It’s so messed up that our culture rewards and fears for celebrities whom we deem “good” and casts down and couldn’t care less for “bad” celebrities unless they’re doing something we find entertaining.

  • I agree with you 100% on this. I was also shocked by how downright insensitive people have been about the whole thing. It’s never okay to hold someone at gun point and steal from them!! Obviously!! I feel like people have an easy time hating celebrities (often, for no good reason) because they don’t really seem human. They seem larger than life. But they totally are human, and hating on them is no more okay than hating on any other person. You hit this on the head, and I”m glad I’m not alone in being annoyed by this issue!
    Julia || http://juliainbluhm.blogspot.com

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      I am glad that I am not alone as well! I honestly expected some backlash from a few angry jerks (I posted this article in a few places) but so far everyone has been kind. It’s nice to know that people who believe in treating all humans as humans exist!

  • This post expresses my exact sentiments! Reading people’s comments really disheartens me. To have that much hate towards a person, is really disturbing. I just find people cruel and hateful nowadays. It’s uncalled for. I felt for her (as I would anybody). Excellent post.

  • Theresa Addo

    I am with you on this ALL the way! I wouldn’t particularly say I follow the Kardashians or any celebrity figures in any way, I believe people have a right to their privacy however the reaction Kim received from people was more than uncalled for. It was horrific and disgraceful. It depresses me to see that human compassion could be so easily over-passed by such prejudice and hatred. I am so glad you wrote about this because it is important that people see that it is NOT OKAY to treat others like this no matter your personal opinion of them. If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.

    Ama / Albatroz & Co.

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      I am so glad this resonated with you! I don’t follow the Kardashians either, but I don’t think of them as subhuman! I am so glad others are bonding together to scream this. It’s never ok to degrade a victim.

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