How to Incorporate Crystals into Your Home

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Lately I have been decorating with crystals, all over the house… in my bedroom, in the kitchen window, all over, really. I’ve always been drawn to the crystal aesthetic, but for some reason I always thought they would be a little out of my price range. After scouring Etsy, I finally selected a set (linked below), and now I think I am hooked. Finding a pretty raw gem in an otherwise unexpected place is just so refreshing. A reminder to appreciate the beauty of living, if you will. But using crystals as decoration can be slightly intimidating for those new to the art. It took me a while to really get into my groove, so today I will share how to use crystals as decoration in your bohemian dream house. Or just house, whatever.

use crystals to decorate for a bohemian vibe

why you should use crystals for decoration

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how to add crystals to your home without pseudoscience

I will begin with this disclaimer: I do not believe crystals have any sort of spiritual ability. I am not one to believe in magic rocks and healing energy, though I offer no form of judgement for those who do. However, knowing this tidbit of background information, you may find yourself wondering why I have a current crystal obsession.

I feel as if I should ask myself that same question.


Above I mentioned delighting in the little moments of loveliness that crystals pop out at me. It’s true. I love watching the sun glint off them on a Sunday afternoon. I love that they can either blend into the background, waiting for you to smile. I love that they add a boho-witchy aesthetic, which, by the way, blends perfectly into the Halloween season.

In so many words: I think crystals are beautiful and I am forever in love with all things beautiful. I mightn’t believe that they have spiritual powers, but damn if they don’t make me happy at their elegance. Friends, that is plenty enough magic for me.

But enough about magic and not magic. Just how do you incorporate crystals organically into your home decor?

So many ways!

put some string through drilled crystals to create a window chime, how to decorate with drilled crystals

If they have holes drilled in them, string them up and hang them by the window. These pictured glass beads (from Michaels, admittedly, and not real crystals) are simply tied to the curtain rod, but I do hope to find the perfect dried twig this fall to create a little chime. The beads viewed above are in my bedroom, but I think this type of crystal decoration would also be absolutely stunning in a sunny kitchen window as well.

How to add crystals in your home for a bohemian aesthetic

Leave them sitting on a windowsill, preferably one you wake up nearby every morning (the whole point is to visualize their elegance). Like I said earlier, I don’t believe in magic rocks necessarily, but I wholeheartedly believe in surrounding yourself with positive vibes. These crystals are so beautiful that they do exactly that. Beauty will always create an air of positivity, so in this instance, I’d say crystals are healing to your mood.

place a crystal in a plant for a boho aesthetic

Place them in a plant for an added oomph to your bohemian aesthetic. If this doesn’t look just plain old pretty then I don’t know what does. I keep one in this little ivy I hung for good vibes. 🙂

how to add a boho aesthetic to your home

If you are bad with plants, crystals will always look good in a terrarium. Some people can’t handle plants for reasons that are unexplainable to the universe. Why one person could forget to water a plant for a month and still have a healthy baby, whilst another waters and fertilizes religiously and still kills everything, I will never understand. If you find yourself with a black thumb, try one of these hanging terrarium kits that are so popular everywhere, only skip the succulent and add a few gems instead. You’ll still have a beautiful piece in your home, but none of the responsibility.

how to decorate your home with raw crystals

Now, you may be wondering where to buy crystals. I had such a hard time at first! I didn’t want overpriced geodes from a healer online (because boy, that market can be expensive!), so I Googled and Googled and finally turned to Etsy. I chose this kit from crystalsNcreations and I couldn’t be happier. It’s an awesome deal if you are wanting to start collecting gemstones, but have no idea where to go or what to do. You can choose your own stones or let her choose them for you. I knew I wanted an amethyst and a rose quartz, but was totally lost on the others, so I let her pick the rest: sodalite, blue calcite, apatite, chrysoprase, and lepidolite. I think her choices look absolutely stunning hanging out in our room and the positive vibes are fun way to wake up in the morning.

Would you ever use crystals as decoration in your home?

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P.S. Please keep this a positive space. If someone believes in healing properties of crystals, there is no need to be a jerk, and vice versa.

  • This is a wonderful post, I bloody love crystals. Some really ice advice!


  • I wish I could incorporate crystals as easily as you. They look wonderful, and your photographs are so gorgeous (as always). I’m always wary of crystals because I do believe in their healing properties, and it all seems like too much to deal with, which is silly. I wish I had your thought process where crystals are concerned lol.

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  • shootingstarsmag

    I really love this idea! I don’t think of crystals in terms of healing properties either, but I do think they are beautiful and I can see how they would be calming and relaxing to people. I love how you incorporated them into your house.


  • Amethyst is my favorite! I have a small piece that I keep on my desk and I also have one of those big crystals that light up. One day I want a big slice of amethyst because they’re so beautiful! I love the idea of lining them up along the windowsill!