Thoughts from Dr Martens and a Thrifted Skirt

blue purple floral print doc martens

blue purple floral print doc martens

blue purple floral print doc martens

Confession: I am in love with the idea of a minimal closet.

Other confession: I am terrible at keeping one.

I guess I am too many women, all at once, though sometimes not for ages. Nonetheless, I purge and purge the unworn. I pull unloved textiles from their hangers and wish them well for the next life, promising to not buy anything unneeded every again.

But that is not me.

Instead, I pop into the Goodwill to look for some much needed housewares and think to myself, one look at the dresses. I see an image in my head of certain boots and I wonder if this image is something real, or did I imagine it and I find myself combing through pages of Google to find out they do exist and are, as it may appear, on their way to my home.

As it happens, over the year I’ve gained a “90s grunge meets the thrift” wardrobe, and I cannot say it makes me unhappy. After all, the 90s seem so much simpler and cleaner than our current, messy lives.

Are they really though? Or is it just our childhood nostalgia writing it’s own chapter?

After all, people idolize the 50s and all the beautiful things in it: full skirts, pastels, saddle oxfords, Elvis, ice cream parlors, soda shops…. but the 50s had much ugliness to bear as well. Racism, sexism, homophobia, an inflated sense of self importance.

These are things that peeve me still today, but there was a point in time where they were socially acceptable. Indeed, they still exist, even as I type this.

But were the 90s ever really a time of innocence and staying out until the streetlights went off and accepting homemade goods from neighbors? I think so, but memories can be tricked. We remember what we want to remember and the very best version of it.

And these were thoughts that came from floral Dr Martens and a thrifted skirt.

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  • “I am too many women at once.” Yes! That is so me as well! I want to have only things I love, but I also love collecting stuff too much haha! I wish I could be minimalist, but it’s just not in my nature. Those Dr. Martens are fantastic though!!

  • I’m really trying to pair down and minimize items in my closet. I love your docs & skirt.

    I love & hate things about all decades. LOL I thought all ugly things from decades ago had been minimalized, but got a rude awakening with this past election. They’re all still very much there. Which is disheartening! Because that means people are still teaching such hatred. I’m african american and we have many problems that need to be addressed. Sometimes we do things that give others reason to hate us. I get mad at my own kind many times. But I think problems exist in all groups. I just try to be the best of me and help others when I can. You can’t save the world.

  • I think the idea of a minimal closet is a lovely idea, but something that I’ll probably never have. I’m like a magpie with pretty clothes.

    I often look back to styles of the past, and even pop culture, but the beauty of the twenty-first century is that we can dress as we like, be it modern or vintage, but we can continue to move forward socially. I’d love to dress like it’s 1944, but I could do without a world war, you know?

    This was an excellent read!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

    • rae

      I have to agree with Amber – while the idea of a minimal closet is awesome because it makes things super simple (I’m guessing it makes getting ready only take a matter of minutes) and is environmentally friendly and less consumer-driven, I think for most of us, we tend to like a few different types of styles and not just one. I tend towards really bohemian looks, very berlin streetstyle kind of fashion, or punkier looks and am really inspired by different decades. My love for goodwill is much the same as yours. Loving your doc martens and your thrifted skirt and yes nostalgia is a funny thing, isn’t it?

  • That skirt is such an adorable find! I’m having troubles keeping a minimal closet myself. I am yearly donating my clothes to declutter but by the middle of the year, it’s all messed up again.

    Tienne —