The Importance of Yellow Roses

why you should buy yourself flowers

why you should buy fresh flowers for your home

why you should buy fresh flowers for your home

keeping fresh flowers at home

why to buy yourself flowers

Or why everyone should keep more flowers, everywhere, all the time.

Yellow petals drifting onto the tops of withered paperbacks…. that is the definition of being alive.

The other day, I treated myself. I was tired of feeling sick at pop culture and being literally sick, so I decided, in a post library binge, to pop into the nearest grocery store and buy flowers. But not simply flowers. Something that would grab me, something that would fill that which is void and make the world seem a little less cruel.

And so yellow roses came to my hand, almost as if they had jumped into it in a haste.

Funny thing, that. Roses are not actually my favorite flowers (daisies, you are perfect) despite my name, but I have lately had a real thing for yellow. It’s depth, brightness, contrast against pages and marriage to greens and greys are a symbol of clarity in my life. No matter the chaos, choose yellow.

And so yellow roses came home with me, and I cut them and fed them. In return, they feed me.

See, that is the thing about flowers. We humans do not view them as food, but we forget that not all nutrients are bound for our stomachs. Nay, the eyes and the soul and yes, even the home, crave nutrients.

To be full is the greatest satisfaction, perhaps in all of humanity. We all want to be full of something…. knowledge, food, love, charity, these are all things we crave. All things we need. We also need beauty, to be utterly full of beauty is to be full of life. Thusly, it can only be concluded that a home need be filled with that which is beautiful.

And so yellow roses are in various rooms in my house.

why put flowers in your bathroom

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On a more serious tone, seriously, flowers can be such a mood lifter, and a rather unexpensive method of adding grace, charm, and delicacy to any room. These yellow roses, for example, are not only in my traditional flower vase, but in a small, alluring thrifted vase in the bathroom. I try to keep my sinks rather cleared off for easier cleaning and less stress on the eyes, but it could use a little charm every once in a while. Try adding a few buds to mixed rooms in your own home. You will find it rather healing, I am sure.

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