10 Things to Reassure Yourself When You Feel Hopeless

10 ways to reassure yourself

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With the harshness of the world around us, it is easiest to put our control towards ourselves. To try and make ourselves prettier, thinner, happier… we live in a world of clicks and likes and comment-for-comment. When we do not perform just as well as we should like, thoughts of self degradation can be overwhelming, eating you through your eye sockets and aching in your ribs.

It is so easy to see the life of someone else and cry “why not me?”

It is so easy to be judged for our choices and to pass judgement, when the reality is that we each have our own paths, our own struggles, and even our own joys. Don’t wallow in low self esteem, find things that will make you feel like a human being again. Someone of value, because we all are. Below I have included ten little ways to bring back the humanity to your heart when you are feeling down.

1. You are a person and you have a wonderful story. We are all trudging through the trench of life. Just because you aren’t famous or rich or have a lovely career doesn’t mean you are worth any less than anyone else. Even Audrey had her rotten, hidden moments. If Audrey is allowed to have a rotten afternoon, you are too. You are allowed to feel, to recover, to breathe through anything.

2. Your story is unique and solely good. There is always room for improvement, but your bad was still good if you learned something from it. Mistakes exist to serve as the master teacher. Accept them, heal, and do better.

3. You may have had a bad today, but tomorrow is a new today. Every once in a while it happens. Begin your new today with a grateful heart. How wonderful it is to turn awake each morning to a new sunrise!

4. When in doubt of your feelings, pet a soft dog ear and let the velvet melt your heart away.

5. Alternatively, if it is summer, go to the market and smell the peaches. There is nothing more pleasant than a sniff of a fresh peach. Positive smells can make a care roll right off your back and into the rubbish bin, which is around us always, waiting for us to drop negativity.

6. We do not age – we mature into something better. Like a caterpillar emerging from a hardened chrysalis. Do fear age, embrace it as an opportunity.

7. Flowers solve everything. They are a reason to celebrate and a reason to feel better. Buy yourself flowers every once in a while.

8. A sudden change is a gift. Always plan, but don’t rely on plans. Sudden changes are an organic way of changing the plan. Sometimes there is something better out there for you, and we can’t always know what is best for us because that is just ridiculous. We are humans, not gods.

9. You are riddled with imperfections and they make you unique. As am I, as is Kate Middleton. What you may hate about yourself, others may want. For me, I long for less voluminous hair and smaller hips. For my friend, she wishes for bigger hips and more voluminous hair. Say thank you for your “imperfections.”

10. You see the best of everyone’s life online – don’t deny yourself that knowledge. There are no such things as perfect first drafts. Everything we post online is just that – a perfected draft. Don’t feel bad when your writing looks like garbage and your photographs are out of focus. Remember that even Van Gogh and Fitzgerald had drafts.

  • These are so beautiful! I actually took a snapshot with my phone of these to save them. I especially love the first, second, and eighth ones. “You are a person and you have a wonderful story.”

  • Okay, this is wonderful. I so needed this post this week. I’ll be keeping your points in mind, and luckily I’ve got a dog ear right next to me. That always keeps my spirits up.

    Amber – yachtsmaan.blogspot.com

  • This was gorgeously well written! Seriously, I had a kinda gross day today and this genuinely made me feel a smidge better. 🙂 You’re a beautiful writer. I especially liked what you said at the end about everything we post online being a perfected draft. Including the garbage and out-of-focus parts. Lovely post 🙂

    Julia | juliainbluhm.com

  • Amy

    I needed this today. I’ve been quarrling with self doubt more than ever lately. The strange thing is that I have had more ‘success’ and growth lately than ever before. Strange how self-doubt and those forsaken blues can enter our bones without warning.

    Thank you for reminding me what is important. ❤

  • Number 3 is golden! Remembering that each day is a new one helps me a lot. Especially in realizing that it’s okey to have a bad day and know that tomorrow will be a new day to embrace. Lovely list, and love the last reminder that even the best have had drafts of their work!

    Have a lovely weekend! Xx

  • Diana Maria

    You definitely do see the best of everyone’s life online which is something that is not easy to remember. Your style of writing is absolutely beautiful, along with your gorgeous photography! This was a very inspiring read xx

    My Lovelier Days