Current Cruelty Free Beauty Favorites

juice beauty elate cosmetics pacifica cruelty free

Over a year ago now, I began a tiny little segment on my old blog regarding my journey towards cruelty free beauty. Well, the series did not last very long, mostly because I did not think everything through before starting. Classic, eh? You see, even though I zero intentions of EVER purchasing another product that conducts animal testing (even in other countries), I still realized that it was really rather wasteful to not keep using products that I already had. Therefore, instead of tossing all my old MAC and L’Oreal, I decided I would much rather use it up or give some things to a friend.

Fortunately, I have mostly moved away from MAC, though I do still have some old eyeshadows and lipsticks I plan on using until they are gone. Currently, I am trying to experiment with more natural-ingredient based beauty products, as those are (almost?) always cruelty free and typically better for the environment.

Note: some of these items came in my Petit Vour Beauty Box. Petit Vour is a vegan, cruelty free cosmetics company that sells ONLY items that are (mostly) natural, wholesome, and cruelty free. For $15 each month, you get to try a variety of skin, hair, and make up items. Let me know if you are interested in a month box opening post!

Anyway, here are my current cruelty free beauty favorites.

pacifica cruelty free blush

Pacifica Blushious Coconut & Rose Infused Cheek Color in the shade Wild Rose. This is one of my favorite blushes OF ALL TIME. It’s a nice rosy, almost plummy color on my cheeks. When applied, Wild Rose actually looks very similar to my previous favorite – Nars Sin. I still love and use Sin, but when it is gone, I will be repurchasing Wild Rose. I got this from a from a friend.

Love + Roses Beauty Mist. This is a heavenly blend of essential oils, natural rose extract, and natural salts. This is great for hair and skin and does not leave a lingering scent, so you can still use your regular perfume. Personally, I love to spritz this on my face in the evenings for added hydration, as well as mist my body after a shower. Love + Roses was purchased on clearance at Anthropologie.

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Luminous Lip Crayon in Malibu. Another Petit Vour find, this crayon is perfect for a light flush of color in a creamy moisturizing texture. The first three ingredients are sunflower seed oil, castor seed oil, and jojoba seed oil! How great is that? Plus, I do not have to sharpen it – you can rotate the bottom to push up more product when you are ready. These lip crayons are great to keep in your purse for when you need a little bit of color fast. We’ve all been the ghost in the mirror before… it’s ok.

elate cruelty free vegan cream blush

Elate Clean Cosmetics Universal Creme in the shade Love. Before, I talk about the wonders of this little beauty, let me point out that I usually like powder blushes. Less work, less blending, etc… But this brings a very lovely, easily blendable (with fingers even, because I have no shame) dewy golden flush to my cheeks. It also contains a variety of cold pressed, natural oils that are good for your skin! Furthermore, the container is 100% compostable. I give Elate’s Universal Creme an A+ for taking that extra mile. It’s also produced in Canada, which means no unfair labor, which I greatly appreciate. I received this in my Petit Vour Subscription Box.

bite beauty cruelty free lipstick

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks. Also made in Canada, Bite Beauty uses 12 nourishing oils to create the most luxurious, creamiest lip formula on the market. I have tried many brands of lipsticks, but Bite is the ONLY formula that makes me want to buy every color that looks good on me. Currently I have Hazelnut (RIP), and Pepper, which is basically Hazelnut, just a tad lighter.* My eyes are set on Molasses next!

*I am dumb and thought Pepper looked great in the store. That is because it’s basically Hazelnut, my favorite lipstick. I had already been wearing it when I realized, so I didn’t return it. Again, I’m dumb, but I know I’ll use them both up over the next few years.

bite beauty cruelty free lipstick

These are a few of my natural, cruelty free beauty adventures, though I hope more are on the way! I am also slowly replacing my deodorant, shampoo, etc… with cruelty free natural solutions as well, but in the meantime I feel like I should do some honorable mentions in my beauty routine. These are products that may not be all natural, but are still very good cruelty free options.

  • Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita – very lovely, rosy brown shade that doesn’t dehydrate too much. Vegan.
  • Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadows – PERFECT formulation, easily blendable, and never tests on animals. Many shades are vegan.
  • Urban Decay Moondust Palette – Needs to be foiled (i.e. wet brush first), but is perfect for the woman who still insists on a little glitter in her life. UD is owned by L’Oreal, but do not sell in China, so I do choose to still purchase their products.

Do you try to use cruelty free beauty products? What about more natural ingredient based beauty? Do you have any suggestions for me try? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • I’ve similarly started down the path of using only cruelty-free products, though I’m still in the stages of using up my old makeup. I’ve been for the most part easily able to find cruelty-free duplicates for favored products, except for foundation. My current one is from CoverGirl and is my personal Holy Grail product as it’s a primer/foundation/oil control/sunscreen all in one, in a shade that actually matches my very pale face and doesn’t irritate my very sensitive skin. I haven’t yet resigned myself for settling for something that does only half of that, so the search continues. I’ve found bath products to be very easy to switch though, so there’s always that silver lining!

    Kate |

  • I dont really use comestics but I can admittedly be better at looking into the few products are do use. My fav piece in this post has to be the mist, I haven’t owned one in years. I hope it’s not all gone from Anthropologie!

  • I’ve never heard of Elate before, but it looks like their universal creme is a good substitute for The Multiple from Nars. I’ve been looking for ways to make my beauty routine a little more environmentally friendly so thanks for this post!

  • I really want to try Bite Beauty lipsticks. I love their Agave lip mask, it’s one of my favorite lip products, ever.

    Thirteen Thoughts

  • Bless you for this! I’m trying to grow a makeup collection all over again, but I need as many natural (and coincidentally vegan/cruelty free) products as possible. I can have a cleaner conscience using them, and they’re way better for my sensitive skin. I’m definitely keeping these products in mind!

    Amber –

  • I love that blush! I have one similar but a bit darker by Pacifica. LOVE IT.