Friday Musings, 1.9: Harsh Shadows on Soft Pages

books pages in the morning sun

edited with afterlight

sunlit reading with tea

A flutter of pages in the morning sun makes me wonder what other women on the other side of the world are doing when they first awake. I know that in many places, life is quite different. Much harder, much harsher.

Nonetheless, I cannot help but wonder if somewhere, another woman is waking up to the same pages. The same shadows lifting themselves onto said pages. The same tea steaming out of their pots.

I wonder if others, on another side of the world, are fortunate enough to have these same, slow, magical mornings.

What are you reading, currently?

  • These photos are so beautiful! I’m currently working my way through The New Jim Crow, which makes for some heavy reading, and Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, which I read in high school but don’t remember much about it.

    Kate |

  • Your thoughts are so soft and tender and beautiful as are these pictures! I tend to have weird thoughts like these while driving on the highway. Is someone listening to the same audiobook I am at this exact moment? Is someone thinking the same things on the other side of the world? I hope many people wake up to the sound of ruffling pages and steaming tea because it sounds like a wonderful way to wake up!

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      Totally late reply, but I just wanted to say thanks. I am glad someone else thinks 90 miles a minute too.

  • I love how your thoughts are always looking out at others whilst tying them to you. I’m currently not reading anything, I’m listening to an awful lot of podcasts lately instead but I will be going back to the books soon!

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      Thank you. 🙂