A Love Letter to that Which is Old and Slow

Off the Record 1970s

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There is a little something special about old things, don’t you think? It’s no secret that in my heart of hearts I really do thrift most of the interesting little pieces we have lying around the house. A grunged up dress here, a cute little tray there… it all comes second hand. It’s just so much easier on the wallet and the land which we share with our family, both human and animal. I suppose “old” is just my style.

Indeed, even the things we have that are not second hand seem to look as if they were. A vintage inspired rug, sofa, pillows, bedding… but mostly, I like to do things the old way sometimes. This is especially true of an afternoon filled with my music, but I’ll do it with anything at times. Coffee, tea, a classic novel. Why? Because the old way is often slower, more deliberate, even artful. While I do like to have chores done quickly, the little things that bring us joy should be savored. Music is no exception. In fact, I think music is integral to living life as a piece of art, and that this is most powerfully done the old, slow way.

For this reason, I love vinyl. If I can have a favorite album on vinyl, I want to. I love to watch it spin. I love to carefully lower the needle, to hear that pop when it first touches those black ridges. The slowness of it makes me say “yes, this is what I want” as I grab a cup of Earl Grey and sit to savor each note and watch the needle do its magic. It’s a slow living catharsis.

And that is what I want – to live slowly, with art and integrity in mind. It helps to recuperate from a world that constantly rushes us into the next thing. This season, try to slow down just for a day, an afternoon. Slow living is fading and it is up to us to bring it back to full saturation. Appreciate that which is simple.

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  • Ah, this post is just so relatable. I’m currently listening to slow coffee jazz music and I feel so much better. It feels like time is slow and I’m living in a different world.

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      Everyone needs that every once in a while.

  • Yes! That pop! I love it! I’ve been slowly trying to build my vinyl collection. Even getting some of my new favorite albums on vinyl. They sound lovely, and I love playing my records.
    I want to thrift more, but haven’t been in quite some time. But I do like the “vintage” look as well. I like to think about the stories behind thrifted pieces, the lives of the previous owners. And then I think about my things and wonder where they will end up once I’m no longer the owner or even around.

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      That sounds like a wonderful creative writing exercise – creating a backstory from something old and thrifted. I always wonder what story they carry as well. 🙂

  • I love this! “the old way is often slower, more deliberate, even artful” I so agree.
    I have a bit of an obsession with old things. I wish I had a vinyl collection of some sort, it seems so appealing to me. And these photos are beautiful! I love how thoughtful your posts always are. 🙂
    Julia | juliainbluhm.com

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      I hope you get a lovely collection someday, and thank you, dear one. 🙂