All About Love; To Keep on Loving

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Living is hard; loving is even harder.

Like life, love is full of surprises. As soon as you think you have reached your highest (or your lowest) peak, something unfathomable happens. Totally unexpected. Good or bad, it does not matter. We are just talking about surprises. Either way, something happens and you’re at a complete, utter loss as to how or why.

See, we all have a different perspective on love… wearing our own lenses that only show us what we want to see, so to speak. These are our tunnels we are racing into headfirst. This is our most powerful gift, yet also our most dangerous one.

We can choose to see things, people, as risks, dangers. Something to fear. Alternatively, we can dive headfirst into a pool of love. We can choose to surround ourselves with love, and people who love us in the truest, rawest form of love there is. I mean the kind of people who would bring you soup after a hangover and chocolate just because you got your period. People who would stand up for your dignity and rights, if that’s what everything came to. The kind of people who lift you so high that you can’t feel your feet anymore and your hair floats amongst the clouds. Yes, that kind of love. The love that is fueled by an adoration of full moons and heart strings that vibrate to the stars and back on a cool spring evening.

how to continue sharing love in a post trump america

More importantly, we have to be those people. We must be the people that make others feel they are walking on the clouds. Let’s be the people who cause a rush of joy so great into the hearts of others that they feel they must simply burst before they can take another drop. Let’s be the people who stand up and shout I love you to straight to the sun, moon, and stars above us. Let’s be the people who will grab the hand of a teary one and know when the wipe them away, or when to fill your own eyes in solidarity.

Be the people you want to see.

I admit it, I am not perfect. I fall off the love wagon, and I fall off, and I fall off, but each time I swing my feet back onto it with such force – determination.


Not proud because I forgot to love in a moment of passion, but proud of what I am capable of, because if you ever in doubt, remember this:

You will never be ashamed of being loving.

  • This is such a sweet post <3

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      Thank you!

  • This is such a nice post– you really are a beautiful writer. I’m at a time in my life where I’m feeling love from all sides, right when I’ve needed it most. And I’m so thankful for that. Because of that, I’ve been trying to give more love, too. I wrote a bunch of handwritten notes to my friends for Valentines day, and some of them seemed like they were ‘walking on clouds.’ Love is a wonderful thing to keep spreading.
    Julia |

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      I love the idea of writing notes for Valentine’s. One day I saw a bunch of notes to strangers left at the library. I think I shall recreate that one for next year! And thank you for the compliments – it means a lot to me when someone enjoys my writing. Really.

  • I sometimes love too deeply and sometimes I fail to give love where it’s needed. There are many different types of strenghts of love but i can honestly say I have never regretted loving or been ashamed by it. In fact, I LOVE loving!

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      Nothing wrong with loving love!