What’s the Best Advice You’ve Ever Heard?

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It is safe to say that ever since our feet first began to touch the raw earth, we have been graced with advice from those around us. Some of it is perhaps unsolicited and some of it is constructed of golden syllables. Other times, it is quickly dismissed, for better or for worse. But every once in a while there is a little nugget that digs itself deep into your heart, to be found time and time again. Sometimes, you notice this dance as it pirouettes into your pocket. More often, though, the magical words you so carefully buried leap gracefully to the forefront of your memory during the Hour of Need. Either way, they are there. They are waiting for you.

Quite some time ago, I decided to gather a few of these golden nuggets, with the intention of sharing them with the world. What better place to go than straight to social media? I asked some friends on Facebook what was the best advice they had ever received. As I hoped, I was delighted at the cornucopia of replies and collected them into a journal -a rough draft post, actually. I then kept these gems sitting in my drafts folder until now, waiting for the right time to share them with you. However, I don’t know why I hung onto this post for so long… that seems silly. I have recently come to believe that the right time is, forever and always, now. So without further ado, here are little snippets of golden advice, received by and for friends.

Be thankful for what you have, and be thankful for what you do not have. – Carlota

“The best advice I ever got was actually from a good preacher. He told me that you aren’t responsible for having negative thoughts, it’s what you do with them that counts. You can choose to nurse them and act on them, or you can choose to deny them and channel your negativity into positive actions. I’m paraphrasing as it was an hour’s long conversation, but that was the gist. It took so much guilt off my anxious mind.” -Brian

“The time to stop learning is never.” Christina

“The expectations you have of someone may not be the expectations they have for themselves. You can’t be upset when they don’t meet those expectations if they didn’t know about them in the first place.” -Holly

As for me? One of my ballet teachers once told me that every stage of life is the best stage because there is something wonderful to love in every part of life. Do not lament the past and do not fear the future. If you are willing to look for it, there is a “best” moment each year, each day, each hour.

I try to take that to heart, especially as I enter another decade of years. Thus far, I think my teacher was right.

What is the best advice you have ever heard? I would love to hear about it.

  • Elizabeth, this is a lovely post and I really enjoyed reading it! Holly’s contribution, in particular, is one that struck a chord with me. I feel like a few people are ‘falling short’ in my eyes at the moment (not a feeling I like to admit, much less write!), so this advice is very timely and useful to me. Thank you.

    I know it will make me more patient and less judgemental or disappointed in them, and hopefully more aware of my own shortcomings too. I imagine I fall short of many people’s expectations!

    The best advice I’ve ever heard is not to compete with others In fact, I think it was more like this: “the flower does not think of competing with the flower beside it. It simply blooms”.

    For some reason that floats around in my mind all the time. Oh and, “comparison is the thief of joy”, and “may your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears”.



    • Elizabeth Hisle

      I am so glad that you found this post helpful. Holly’s advice really resonated with me too. I love the idea of thinking we are all flowers – I will be taking that one to heart! I think I will even make it my 2017 motto!

  • Sophie Sierra

    Absolutely loving this poignant piece Elizabeth, not to mention your stunning way with words; as always so powerful, striking, touching, so unique and so impactful. It’s funny how people’s words of wisdom stay with us and return to us at the right moment in time. I agree, your teacher was right and that piece of advice is definitely precious and to be cherished 🙂

    When I was at a particular low point in my life a few years back, my god-mum said to me “I know it’s hard but try not to worry about what you can’t control. Just think, if I can’t control it, I can’t control it.” As a worrier I often struggle with not worrying on a daily basis but this piece of advice hit me the other day and ever since I’ve been trying to apply it to my day to day anxieties. Not a piece of advice, but I saw a quote the other day that struck another chord with me: “No pressure, no diamonds” <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      Very nice of your grand-mum! I too suffer from worrying and anxiety and her advice is something I need to take to heart.

  • These are great pieces of advice that I take to heart now as I read them <3 Thank you for this post of wisdom x

    Arden | Missing Wanderer

  • Rebecca Ellis

    I love this post! I’ve never really thought about this before, but I’m intrigued. I think I’ll sit down tonight and have a think about some of the advice I’ve been given over the years x

    http://www.sheintheknow.co.uk // http://ittybittybookco.com/?aff=13

  • These are all beautiful! Now that I want to think of something someone said to me I can’t! I’ll probably remember it later in the shower lol