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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn-3

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn-4

Hello all, it’s been a while since I did a 10 Things Tuesday, and I’ve rather missed it. I could apologize and complain about feeling drained, or I could get to work. I choose to get to work.

That first scent of fresh earth interrupted in March and the knowledge that soon flowers, herbs, and other delights will push through the soil soon.

There is nothing more feminine that sitting in your underwear on Sunday morning; lipstick on and a spritz of perfume flushed onto your neck as the sun creates shadows through the blinds.

Her, feeling that first application of a grown up lipstick smartly applied to young lips. It’s a symbol of growing up and she knows it. In fact, she embraces this next stop in her life – youthful elegance. It’s a time for parties, uncomfortable brassieres, high heels, and cheap beer. She will later look back and shake her head in her silliness and discomfort, but in this moment, nothing feels more right. Indeed, nothing is more right.

Shadows, while so often avoided (under the eyes, making photos dark) can actually be the most beautiful thing in the world. It’s all about perspective. In fact, even dark undereye circles can be absolutely gorgeous. Just ask the French.

Speaking of the French, is there anything more perfect than flaky croissants on a Saturday morning with fresh berries from the garden and cream in your coffee cup? No, there is not.

A montage of hot air balloons, together into a crystal blue sky. A send off of wishes, if you will, and they drift towards the sun, my heart is full. Bursting at the seams. As the daffodils glisten, wishing a safe trip to the balloons, I am reminded that in every moment, something wonderful is happening to someone. It is colorful, it is vibrant, and it is proof that there is always something breathtaking somewhere. Life is worth living, if only for these moments.

When all else fails two things heal more than anything else in this world: good perfume and a proper cup of tea. Do both daily and let your heart love freely.

She works so hard to be rough around the edges, whilst still maintaining a soft heart. It’s her yin and her yang and she needs them both, for there is a time for each. Although her parents drink and yell and cuss, she still loves her baby brother more than anything in the world. Each day that creeps across the horizon, she wishes to run far, far away. To Seattle, to Athens, to Toronto…. anywhere but home. Someday, she will escape, be an engineer or a teacher. Today, she cares for her brother.

Childhood picnics and hide and seek in cornfields. Root beers and grilling and the scent of fresh corn rattling in the wind all lead to the shrieks of children at play. 

Barbie dolls are littering an attic bedroom. With the sun setting, a little girl dreams in the shadow of the windowpane. Perhaps someday she will become a fashion model or a doctor or a babysitter. In a pile of tiny shed outfits, dreams are born and die in the same afternoon, for this is the magic of childhood.

In a quick breath by the firelight, she adds an addendum to a letter. Her lover is far away, relying on her words to continue through each war-eaten day. With each bomb that echoes in the distance, there is that little postscript tagged at the end: an extra I love you. He cries.

Current favorite word: postscript.

Current favorite color: yellow.

  • I can’t wait for everything around to start to blossom again. Spring always makes me feel like I’m coming back to life after a long winter. 🙂

  • You’re a wonderful writer, and this is such a gorgeous post. I agree, shadows can absolutely be some of the most beautiful aspects to a room and/or face.

    Amber – amberelb.com

  • Good things . Your photo shoot and content both are wonderful . Lot of thanks for this posting .