How to Brighten Your Day No Matter What

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Green Day Converse with Floral Tights

We all want to know how to brighten our days when they become dark and gloomy. You know the kinds of days – the kinds where art becomes death and the sun never breaks through the grey and your tea grows cool too quickly.

Whenever this happens, I try not to sulk and cry (though, admittedly, that is my first resort. working on that one.). Instead, I am trying to list 3 things that make me happy, because in every day there has got to be something that is just plain good.

For example:

Floral tights, fun shoes, and lacey dresses.

Bellinis, hot baths, and pasta dinners.

Dream catchers, crystals, and colorful houseplants.

Perfume, soft sweaters, and thigh high socks.

Free art galleries, children reading books, vintage jewelry.

See? By listing good things in sets of 3s, you are bound to feel a little bit better.

Now, give me 3 Good Things in the comments below. Let’s make everyone feel wonderful.

P.S. This idea was inspired by someone, somewhere. If you think it is you, it probably is, but I can’t remember so feel free to tell me in the comments. I’d love to hear it.

  • I can’t tell you how many times I scrolled up and down the two pictures. They are so neat, something about the way its focused and angled really confused me in a good way. ALSO THE LIST IS PERFECT! I need more lists like this in my feed so it was great to find this!

    My three things: rainy days, warm food, and reading blogs.

  • Love this! It’s very easy for me to sulk when things don’t go my way, but this is a great reminder to breathe and take in the beauty and the little things that surround us. My three things: a big bowl of soup, a new book, and that moment when I’m all snuggled and warm in my bed.