Don’t Be Shady AF

hot to avoid shady people

A friend of mine recently wrote a blog post and quoted me on the subject of being shady. Apparently, I said the following:

“Anyone who knows the law that well and how to get around it is not someone to be trusted.”

Now, of course we were speaking of a very specific someone who won’t be named here, but the subject of shadiness is really important to keep in mind. You do know what I mean by shady, right? The kind of person who knows just how to skirt around the rules. They know how to push the boundary just enough to say “I didn’t actually do anything wrong.” The sort of person who reeks of poor ethics, but masks it in a glory of manipulation so that you begin to think that you were the problem all along. If you didn’t before, I believe you now know what I mean. Unfortunately, it is often hard to single out the flaws in their morality because Shady People are typically great at arguing for themselves. They are their own personal lawyer.

However, regardless of how well they can pick at you and manipulate your mind, always stick with those inside feelings in issues of right and wrong. When faced with a Shady Person, remember that legal does not equal ethical.

I can’t stress that enough: legal does not equal ethical. Or kind. Or moral.

If something feels wrong, it is. Just because it’s not technically illegal or against the rules does not mean it is right. We all (I hope) know this. Furthermore, if you know someone who seems shady in the way I described above, rest assured of one thing: they will stab you in the back the moment you turn from them.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen it happen over and over. In many instances, the person being betrayed considered the shady person to be their friend. In one such instance where I am forced to still interact with a Shady Person, I know a guy outside the circle who still speaks so highly of SP. Thinks he’s a real stand up guy.


It makes my heart ache, because I know SP talks trash about him regularly, and I have not got the heart to say anything to the affected individual. He’s far away now, and such knowledge would only spread hurt, and do nothing positive.

But it does hurt me to know these kinds of people exist. Why would anyone say and do things to hurt someone and yet be so cowardly as to avoid any possible consequences?

With all that said, if you are hanging out with someone shady STOP. Have as little interaction as possible and don’t trust them with anything.


And don’t be a shady person.

  • Amy

    I love the quote “legal does not equal ethical”, and I think that it’s so important to remember! I always hate when people say something horrible or rude and then day that they’re just using their freedom of speech.
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  • I really can’t stand people who just can’t be honest about anything. They always know the best shortcuts to everything they want even if it is not necessarily the most ethical e.g using other people by manipulation. Why be shady when you can be a nice, decent person? hahaha

    Ama Addo / Albatroz & Co