10 Little Ways to Celebrate Every Day

how to celebrate a little something each day

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As I mentioned on Tuesday, I like to (at least try) to celebrate a little something each and every day. I do this for my well mental well being, as well as for those around me. Plus, it’s just fun. Even when you had a bad day, you can celebrate that it has come to an end and new beginning is right around the corner. Here’s to celebrations in each and every way, for any reason whatsoever. Here are 10 ways to have a small celebration each day.

  1. Don’t fear wearing a lace blouse or your favorite necklace. Forget the mindset of “saving” the good things – use them now, for tomorrow may be a thing of fiction.
  2. Sit down for supper – a real supper, at a table. Have a glass of wine and eat something that you find especially appealing. Of course, healthy eating is necessary, but even cacio e pepe can be a meal with a side of sauteed veggies and practicing the art of moderation. Enjoy it.
  3. Pick the wildflowers growing in your lawn and put them in a tiny thrifted vase.
  4. When in doubt, a square of good, dark chocolate will always do the trick.
  5. Get a quality, cruelty free soap or bodywash that you really love to use. Pin down your favorite scents and then use them at least a few times a week. Be sure to pay attention and really let the intensity of the humidity awaken the scent.
  6. Once a week or so, feel free to eat the good cheese.
  7. With your morning coffee, have the rich, full fat cream. Let it become a constellation in your cup. Savor its dance and its flavor. If possible, have your coffee outside or by a window with no distractions
  8. Indulge in a favorite hobby. If you are dancer, dance. A biker will bike. Let your inner poet get to work and consider these acts of art a celebration of your abilities.
  9. Never fear having dessert, just be cautious about what dessert is. For example, strawberries with yogurt or a dallop of vanilla ice cream can be a heavenly dessert and won’t fill your calorie quota for the day. Just take small bites and savor.
  10. Celebrate by treating yourself to an at home facial at least once a week. Your skin will thank you.

How do you celebrate each day? Do you do any of these things, or do you have another idea?