10 Things Tuesday

10 things Tuesday

10 things tuesday

Hello all,

It’s been a very, very long time since I published one of these posts. There are many reasons why, ranging from depression, to burn out, to simply being busy. The basic truth is that I became tired of the race. I always worked so hard to keep up content, take photographs, and draw inspiration, that I was simply exhausted. My home life became more complicated and blogging suddenly became work. I am a believer in only doing things you love in this life where ever possible. I always said that whenever blogging was no long fun, I would stop doing it. So, for three months, I stopped blogging.

I have no regrets, but on this hot afternoon, I feel the itch to let a few ideas come to life. As such, it is time for another 10 Things Tuesday.

As she chops fresh herbs for the hundreth of thousandth time in her life, the smells of basil and thyme rip through her as she is reminded of memories from summers long past. Included are: An abusive parental relationship and weeks on her grandparents farm both fight for dominance. For this reason, chopping herbs is a bittersweet activity.

In relation to basil, there nothing quite so satisfying as an omelette filled with summer herbs. Basil, thyme, tarragon, chives, and even a pinch of oregano can make the difference between breakfast, and a celebration.

Always celebrate something, each day. Have a square of chocolate or a few sips of wine. Find one nice thing about a day, and choose to celebrate that moment. Instead of punishment for doing wrong, celebrate for doing right.

A man, riding a bicycle down a neighborhood street, stops. He has taken this past probably hundreds of times, maybe more. Today, he notices something different. In an instance, he can smell the scents of coffee and fresh flowers melting into the July breeze. He begins to wonder if he has been living life with his eyes closed.

At some point, every human being should receive the gift of viewing a sunrise from up high in the cotton candy clouds.

Be her, a tall brunette, walking home from work in the big city. As she rounds the corner for her coffin sized apartment, she hears the clinks and fizzes of ice and soda water in the bar nearby. The responsibility in her says she should go home to her bed and a soft cat, but the passionate side says to stop, just for an hour. She can almost taste a cocktail in her mouth and she wonders if this could end her loneliness, just for tonight. What should she do?

Be him, a middle aged divorced man with a heart that was ripped outside of him and stomped on a curb. He sits in the same bar, drinking whisky and missing his two year old daughter who was whisked away back to Japan. He wants to be happy again, but feels his heart can never be found after its remnants were tossed in the Pacific Ocean. He sees the silhouette of our brunette Her, and it starts to rain.

The thing about cocktails is this: they can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You decide, and choose your friends wisely.

There is never a reason to not wear lace or slouchy tees. Hopefully at the same time.

Never feel guilty for devoting most of your time in books. Don’t let anyone tell you that you should do this, or your should do that. Embrace the words and explore creating your own stories. 

Current favorite word: pupper (hey, I never said this was serious)

Current favorite color: orange!