An Ode to the Summer Garden

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes-2 Cherry Tomatoes-3 Cherry Tomatoes-4 Cherry Tomatoes-5

If you are a long time follower of my blog then, you know that summer is not really my favorite season. I’ve said it many times. However, when it comes to summer gardens, that is an entirely different book indeed. For our first real summer as yard-owners, we put in a small vegetable and herb garden. Just a little trial to see what we are capable of, in a sense. While we have definitely learned a few lessons, I can’t help but feel satisfied at the immense amount of sweet gold and red candies harvested on a daily basis. Of course, I do not mean candy candy (though think if only we could grow and harvest lollipops and chocolate caramels), but nature’s candy: the cherry tomato.

Yes, we planted Sungolds and Sweet 100s as I didn’t think a single plant would be enough. Besides being dreadfully wrong (we literally have hundreds of sweet tomatoes), I have discovered a new form of confectionery. Yes, I do keep using that term because that is what they taste like to me: sweet candy. Candy that somehow has nutrients.

I recommend, whenever possible, that you try a garden for yourself. It does not have to be fancy. We ordered these simple beds from Amazon, laid down some cardboard, and filled them with container soil. It was really very simple, and the few hours of work well worth the rewards.

Now, tell me, what can I do with so many tomatoes?


  • As I’ve said before, I share your dislike of the summer season, but I’m oddly also sharing in your summer tomato loving! I’m living with my friend’s grandparents this summer and they have several tomato plants in their backyard that have just ripened, so we’ve been enjoying them these past few days. The summer weather is despicable, but the abundance of fresh produce is almost worth it.

    Kate |

  • It looks charming. Love this, Thanks for posting.