My own time

2020-03-22 10.41.30 1

I’ve been wanting to use this space again for so, so long. I had always said that if I ever ran out of words to say that I would give up blogging. For a while, that happened. Life is busy. I have a toddler now, and two dogs that need to be walked. My husband is a student again so a lot of chores and cooking is on me. I don’t mind – it makes me happy. But I do miss my own time, sometimes. So I think, perhaps, I’ll pop on a little bit when the mood strikes, but I’m not going to blog like I used to. Instead, I’m going to strictly use this space as a creative studio, saying what I want, showing off photos, basically, shit I can do on my phone. And it’s ok. That’s how blogging started, anyway.