This is a blog about who I am. A coffee lover, a wife in love, a puppy mother. It is a creative space about who I am and whatever that may mean to me. It is a space for sharing the love of books, a good photograph, poetry, essays, the way lace falls on a dress or how shadows play on a hardwood floor.  This is a blog about about who I am and whatever that may mean to me. It is about love and life. A blog of coffee cups and a love for tea, for written words and spoken. A love for all that glitters in the soft morning sun and the feel of a soft puppy ear against ones fingertips. It’s about the clink of 5 am kitchens and the glow of a midnight moon. Cameras and soft sheets and lace and pretty flowers that have begun to drop their petals onto a stack of books.

Increasingly, it is a blog about find poetry in every corner of life, finding a kinder side of the world, and doing something lovely for someone solely because it is nice. It is about words, words, and more words, peppered with light play in my bedroom.

Primarily, this is a blog about the art of living. Let every breath be a work of art, every poem a piece of your heart, and every outfit an image of your soul. 


I am Elizabeth Rose, forever blooming into something newer and better. Blogger, lover, dancer, stylist. These are all things I strive to be on a daily basis. As a theatre and language student stuck in a boring office job, I created this blog in 2012 in an effort to maintain a creative outlet, develop new skills, discover my many talents, and show others that you are defined by doing what you love – whether or not you get paid for it. I believe in finding anything that makes you happy and to do a little bit of that anything every day – even if you aren’t working in a “creative” field.

From: How I Learned to Love My Body


I love dancing in sunsets and swatting bugs off my shoulders and feeling the sun leak through in strings.

Why We Adventure

More about me: I have one amazing husband, 4 brothers, two dogs, a love for literature, healthy eating, writing poetry, and a mostly minimalist wardrobe. I am a terrible gardener even though I try every year, I strive and fail to do more DIY, and I will forever defend the Oxford comma. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave me a little love note. I will be happy to provide you an answer!

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Photographs taken with the ever so lovely Nikon D3200.